Dafabet Casino Review

Here is an overview of the online casino Dafabet. Dafabet is a legal provider of gambling entertainment in many countries. Dafabet is an online casino aimed at the Indian public.

The range of entertainment, also the design and approach is aimed at making the site easy to interact with. Dafabet Casino is also geared towards the Indian public as it provides cricket betting and other gambling entertainment, a traditional Indian pastime. And we will talk about all kinds of entertainment later in the review. Let’s start our story with a description of the interface, design and functional features of Dafabet Casino. 

Dafabet’s casino design. 

Dafabet has been delighting its users with good design and quality software for many years. When you go to the official page and start using the website, you will notice the quality of all the elements. Dafabet offers quality software from the best developers and game designers. 

The interface is designed in the traditional logo colours: 

  1. red, 
  2. yellow, 
  3. grey, 
  4. white. 

The main background is a light grey shade, while the most important elements are in yellow and red. Dafabet maintains the design in all its products, including the app. This is to ensure that users know that they are dealing with a licensed product.

The Dafabet online casino has a number of advantages: 

  • clear design, 
  • quick registration, 
  • honest payouts, 
  • verification and identity verification, 
  • a huge range of entertainment, 
  • the ability to place bets on any sport, 
  • access to more than 1,000 sporting events, 
  • a generous bonus programme, 
  • beautiful varieties of Dafabet apps, 
  • a 24-hour technical support service. 

By going to the main page of the Dafabet website you will see several menu sections which provide basic functions: 

  1. all sports, 
  2. casino, 
  3. games, 
  4. live dealers, 
  5. arcade,
  6.  black jack and so on. 

Opportunities to use promo codes, vip — club, download the app, «login», «register». This is the basic functionality of the website offered to all customers, by going to each section you can find out what it offers. section Dafabet sports. 

This section offers customers to bet on the following sports: football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, boxing, racing, cycling, motorsport and so on. In addition to traditional sports, including popular Indian sports, Dafabet also offers cyber sports opportunities. 

Apart from the standard cyber games, it also offers cyber — football and some other options. Since Dafabet is aimed at the Indian public, it also allows you to bet on sports that are popular in India: cricket and kabaddi. 

In the sports tab, on the central screen you will see the championships currently taking place, the teams involved, the odds and betting. 

In the secondary menu of the sports tab you can select a sport and sort it into categories: those taking place now, tournaments of the day, leagues, championships, euro championships and so on. 

More than 50 types of sports betting are available to you. When you switch to a particular sport, an additional menu will open showing the matches on which you can bet. 

Sports betting from Dafabet. 

In order to learn how to place the right bets on sports, you must first understand how they work. Betting can be done by applying the current odds. Dafabet applies some of the highest odds online — space. 

The odds are the multiplier for your bet, showing the probability of the outcome of a particular match. If you are confident in your correctness and your prediction, a high odds will help you increase your winnings, should the team win. Apart from knowing your betting tips, you also need to know about the teams, the strong and weak sides of the players and teams, the rules of the sport itself, as well as the additional conditions of the match. It can happen that a reasonably strong team is already exhausted by the end of a championship, and oddly enough has less chance of winning.

It is also quite difficult to play on someone else’s field. A person betting has to take all these features into account. The official Dafabet website also offers the services of a traditional online casino. What an online casino entails. These are the types of entertainment familiar to a regular real casino: blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slots. This is entertainment that allows you to win a lot of money in a short amount of time. The fastest ones in this category are the slots. And slots we will tell you a little later, and their in the principle of operation and the rules of the game.

Live casino from Dafabet. 

The live casino format is a fairly popular and much sought-after form of entertainment. Its essence involves interaction with a real gaming environment. The communication is carried out thanks to a video camera. So you can watch everything going on at the gaming table online. It can be a variety of entertainment, such as baccarat, roulette, andardar bahar and other types. You can see the full list in the live games tab. 

The special beauty of a live casino is that you see a real dealer in front of you. They are girls and boys of good looks who accompany you through the entire game. You can talk to them and engage in dialogue, they take your bets and run the game all the way to the end. 

This gives you the impression of being in a real casino. But you don’t have to leave your own home to do so. This format of entertainment has become especially popular in recent times, when time is precious.

Slots from Dafabet.

Dafabet Casino offers you great slots from the best providers and software suppliers. All the latest game designs will be featured in the Dafabet Casino slots tab. There are currently over a hundred different slots in the Dafabet Casino range. There are so many that you can sort them for easy retrieval. 

Slots can be sorted by: 

  1. lines, 
  2. jackpots, 
  3. bonuses, 
  4. theme, 
  5. geography and locations. 

There are so many options that you can choose, for example, an Asian theme and a seaside location. This way, you’ll cover your visual content needs. 

At the time of writing, the most popular slots are Archer, Atlantis, Queen of the Atlantic, Sweet Berries, Best Winner, Blessed Bells, Book of Kings, Buffalo, Crazy Eight, Dragons’ Championship, Esmeralda, Football, Monkeys, Magnificent Blue and so on. You can sort the slots by novelty, relevance, provider. If you know the exact name of the game you want to play, use the search bar. Start typing in part of the name and the system will find that game for you.

Jackpots from Dafabet. 

The jackpot category allows you to participate in games that involve fast and fairly large winnings. 

Board games from Dafabet.

The board games category is also popular not only among the young, but also among older players. Table games involve a longer playing time and are aimed at those who enjoy interacting with the gaming space. If you want quick wins, slots and jackpots are more your thing. If you like to watch the action and are familiar with the rules, board games are the way to go. The most popular board games at the time of writing are three card marriage, European roulette baccarat mini roulette and so on. Go into the table games category and you get to enjoy the game.

Cricket betting. 

Dafabet Casino has the huge advantage of being able to bet on the popular Indian game of cricket. Cricket is a game that has been around for centuries. After spreading it all over the world, it has become particularly popular in the Indian peninsula. It’s unclear why Indians have such a love for cricket, but they have already formed a national team for the sport. Keith allows those who understand the rules of the game as well as the teams to place their bets. It’s a ball game on the field. 

It’s quite a vibrant and expressive game, involving a large number of fans. Watching the game is a pleasure, and winning is even more fun. In order to learn how to bet on cricket you need to understand its rules, and be able to predict certain events during a match. 

Luck alone will not be enough. Because the game involves understanding the process and the mathematical probability of a particular outcome of a sporting event. Therefore, betting on sports is not purely a gambling pastime, but also an intellectual one.

Sign up for Dafabet. 

Here is an overview of the private account registration function on the Dafabet website. registering a private account or account is necessary on any website that involves financial manipulation. Since bets are placed by means of real money, you need to link a payment system. In order to be able to pay your bets legally, you will need to verify your account. That means you have to prove that you really exist. And that you are a real person, who has the right to bet on sports and gamble. 

In order to register you need to follow a few simple steps: 
  1. go to the home page of the official Dafabet website, 
  2. find the «registration» tab, 
  3. by clicking on the tab, 
  4. fill in the registration form.

The registration form involves entering the following data: 

  1. name or pseudonym, 
  2. creating a password, 
  3. choice of currency, 
  4. phone number, 
  5. country,
  6. email address, 
  7. your real name and surname, 
  8. as well as the date of birth. 

Please note that you should choose the currency carefully. This is because the currency you have chosen initially will be the way to deposit and withdraw money from your account. Also, when you use the payment system all the details must be the same. 

The payment system must belong to the owner of the personal account, which will be confirmed during the verification process. Once you have completed all the fields of the registration form, you must click on the «register an account» button. In this way, you confirm that you have read and studied the rules for using the website and that you have confirmed your age of majority. 

You must be at least 18 years old at the time you register for an account with Dafabet. We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions of use of Dafabet. 

Two important points to look out for: 

  • choice of currency, 
  • phone number. 

The choice of currency determines the currency you will use all the time. You cannot deposit money in one currency and withdraw it in another. Also with a phone number. Note that the phone number code automatically detects your geolocation. And the system selects the phone number code itself. So be careful whether the system has correctly identified you and your location. At the time of writing, more than 50 different registration countries are available to you.

Verification of personal account. 

Verification is a procedure for confirming that your identity is real. Verification is achieved by sending a photo of your ID card. You can use any form of identification: passport, driving licence, id-card or other means of verifying your identity. This means must contain your photo, first name, date of birth and country of registration. Only then proof of identity will be considered valid and acceptable for account verification. 

Once you have completed the account creation procedure, a link will be sent to your email to activate your account. 

By clicking on it you will be asked to send a photo of your ID card, thereby confirming your right to use the payment systems. We will tell you which payment systems you can link to your personal account in the following overview. 

The information from your personal account, ID card and payment system about your first name, surname and date of birth must be identical. That is, they must be the same.

Logging into your Dafabet casino account. 

Dafabet Casino offers an easy way to log in to your personal account. 

In order for you to enjoy all the services and benefits of the Dafabet online casino, you need to log in to your personal account. In order to create a personal account it must be registered. We wrote about how to do this in the overview above.

Entry is made in the following steps: 

  • go to the main Dafabet casino page, 
  • find the «enter» button,
  • enter your credentials: your username and password, 
  • confirm their actions. 

Once you have logged in, you can navigate your way around your account. See what bonuses are available to you, see your account balance and other information. You must be the sole owner of your own personal account and it is not permitted to register more than one account. The Dafabet Online Casino account holder must be at least 18 years old. 

Dafabet apps. 

In order to always be in touch with the app on your mobile phone. The app allows you to install the software on any gadget in order to take advantage of a number of benefits: 

  1. saving traffic, 
  2. speed of operation, 
  3. responsive design, 
  4. ease of use. 

The software assumes different types of device operating systems iOS for apple, windows and, android. Depending on your device, you need to choose an application suitable for the operating system and download it. After downloading, if you do not have a personal account, you can also register in the app. It will be even faster. 

In this way, you maintain constant access to the game. As the phone is always at our fingertips. 

How do I know if the app is official?

The app in its design, functionality. These are the basic colours, the layout of the functional buttons, and the personal account. When logging in to your personal account in the app, all you need is a username and password. You can similarly link a payment system to your account in the app and use it. Just remember an important aspect — do not trust your phone to a third party. Because you can log in and unauthorised people can use your payment system linked to your personal account. 

Making a deposit at Dafabet Casino.

In order to make a successful deposit into your Dafabet account, you will need to follow the instructions shown below: 

  1. go to the home page of the official Dafabet website, 
  2. log in to your account with your username and password or log in to your personal account in the Dafabet app, 
  3. choose the «deposit» button in the top menu, (you will be offered a list of different payment options. You need to select your preferred option, which will determine how you want to deposit your game account), 
  4. write down the amount you want to transfer to the game account, 
  5. press the «confirm» button. 
  6. That’s it, you’ve transferred the money to the game account.

There is now a waiting period for the money to be credited. Sometimes there may be some delays due to the selected payment systems. There are a large number of payment systems, you can use both: 

  • by bank transfer, 
  • electronic wallet, 
  • by various payment cards,
  • cryptocurrency. 

We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of paying in cryptocurrency. This is a new modern approach to paying for a gaming resource. As cryptocurrency allows you to get a number of advantages, such as saving time and money on transactions. There is also no fee for cryptocurrency transactions.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

In order to withdraw your winnings from your personal Dafabet online casino account, the following instructions are required: 

  1. go to the official Dafabet Casino website, 
  2. log in to your personal account or log in to your account on the app, 
  3. click on the image with your avatar. 
  4. (It is at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you are presented with the withdrawal option, you need to click on it and go to the «withdraw» tab). 
  5. On the withdrawal tab, you will be given a choice of withdrawal options,
  6. enter an amount and confirm your action. 
  7. That’s it, your money has now been sent back to you. 

Please note that as a rule it is possible to deposit and withdraw money using the same payment system. Choose the most convenient option for you. 

Cash out your winnings at Dafabet. 

You can withdraw your winnings in various amounts. Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount. For each method of withdrawal there is a defined minimum amount. More details about it are written in the rules of withdrawal. The online casino Dafabet has a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. You will always find something suitable.

Types of bets at Dafabet Casino. 

The variety of inserts from Dafabet is capable of wowing any online betting fan. In order to place the bet correctly and calculate your winnings, there are many aspects to understand. For starters, you need to understand the rules of the sport or game you are betting on. You should also correctly predict the outcome of an event. 

And finally, you need to know how to apply the odds correctly. By understanding all these criteria you can calculate your final winnings. 

The following guide will help you navigate the betting process:

  • Direct bet. A direct bet involves the possibility of betting on a specific player or team, which you expect to win and score more points than has been determined in advance. 
  • Betting on the total line. When the betting line is determined, the total gambling account. Either a predetermined number. If you guessed it, your bet is in play. Such bets imply a finish in competitions first such bets are possible, but only in those in which the winner can be one and unconditional. This could be a car race or golf, for example.

How do I bet? 

To place a bet on an event on Dafabet, follow these instructions: 

  1. go to the official Dafabet online casino page, 
  2. select the «Dafabet betting office» section, 
  3. choose from the list the sport you will be predicting, 
  4. when selecting a sport, select the championship in which you plan to place your bets, 
  5. to place a bet. 

The home page will show the standings of your choice. You will also see the odds and the option to bet on a particular team or event. Dafabet offers some of the highest odds on a variety of entertainment. The predominant odds and most successful bets are placed on cricket, which is one of the national pastimes that is very popular in India.

Live streaming on Dafabet.

The bookmaker Dafabet takes care of its customers and provides a great opportunity to watch live streaming. Both local and major international sporting events are broadcasted. So you can watch the matches as well as place your bets. This is a great option for true sports fans.

Online cricket betting.

As we have written before, cricket is the most popular sport that is most often bet on. In the world of sporting events, you can go live to cricket. And place your bets while the match is in progress. This way, you can watch the action unfold before your eyes and also win at the tournament. For fans, there are various types of rated sporting events, such as the Indian premier league. You can find all the entertainment under the bookmaker’s tab, the type of sport, the level of competition.

Cyber sports betting online.

A great opportunity for Dafabet is the possibility to bet on cyber sports. Cyber sports is a modern pastime that involves the strategy and tactics skills of virtual games. At the moment, a small number of online venues offer cyber sports broadcasts. You watch other people compete against each other in virtual battles. If you know the competitor well, you can place a bet before the match. The term refers to the opportunity to place a bet before the game or match has even started. You have to guess the outcome of the event, and place a bet on it.

Multi-betting from Dafabet. 

Multi-betting is the real possibility of multi-betting. The term refers to the use of different types of betting on the same event. For example, you can speculate not only on the outcome of the match, but also on any incidents in the course of the match. So you can make several bets at once and one of them, if placed correctly, can win with a high probability.

Beneficial bonuses from Dafabet. 

The online casino and bookmaker Dafabet can offer a wide variety of bonuses and promotions. The most striking of the bonuses is the welcome bonus. welcome bonus — This is a sign-up bonus that allows you to increase your first deposit by a multiple. At the time of writing this review you can increase your deposit by 170% or 60%, depending on how much you deposit. Read the bonus clause carefully, and follow all the rules to apply the bonus to you. 

The payment system on Dafabet. 

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using several payment systems, which Dafabet online casino offers. The bookmaker and online casino Dafabet has partnered with a number of global and top-rated payment systems that are popular. It is a payment system that provides reliable financial transactions as well as high quality services. 

At the time of signing the review, the Dafabet website offers several payment system options: 

  1. MasterCard, 
  2. visa, 
  3. ultra, 
  4. bitcoin, 
  5. Echelon pay. 

In addition to paying by card for your game account, you can also pay by direct bank transfer or cryptocurrency. You can also pay by direct bank transfer or even by cryptocurrency. 

Alternatively, you can use e-wallets and debit cards. You will see the full list of payment systems available to you when you fund your game account.

  • To do so, you need to log in to your personal account, 
  • press the deposit button, 
  • and you will be presented with a list of available options.

Dafabet’s online support chat.

Whichever section of the website you are on, you always have the option of contacting technical support. You can also contact technical support whether or not you have logged in to your personal account. The technical support team is also available for unregistered users. In what situations you may need an expert. Generally, if you make a mistake when logging in, enter an incorrect promo code, or cannot withdraw money. In such situations, the most common solution is to contact a support specialist. 

Before you do this, try to resolve the issue yourself. when you go to the technical support section, you will be given the option to read the frequently asked questions. 

You can read what questions users have asked before and find one similar to yours. If you cannot find an answer to your query, you can send an email to our support team. To find the helpdesk follow the instructions: on any page of the official Dafabet website there will be a help bar on the right-hand side. 

By clicking on this bar you will see several communication options: 
  • online chat, 
  • messenger, 
  • facebook, 
  • frequently asked questions. 

Choose the format that best suits you, introduce yourself and describe your problem. Our technical support staff will try to resolve your situation and assist you as quickly as possible.


How do I register my account?

Go to the «registration» tab and follow the prompts.

How do I top up my balance?

The site offers more than 10 different ways, check them out under the «deposit» tab.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes. The most important one is the sign-up bonus.